Saturday, November 19, 2016

Parasites Heaven vs Cabbage Rejuvelac

I can't overemphasize the importance of a healthy digestion.

When the food is not combined properly and undigested, it starts fermenting in your stomach, creating a lot of gas.  It becomes a perfect environment for Candida overgrowth,  parasites and other opportunistic bacteria, which invade every part of your body as it gets into your blood stream: your eyes, sinus, hair, skin, internal organs - everywhere.  It effects your emotions.

Think of it as a big bag of dump crawling with worms!  Yukky!!! 

Removing gas with different supplements does not solve the problem, and only exacerbates it.  
However, not creating a dump in the first place is a good idea.

I have many posts on my web site and Youtube on digestion.

Here is one of my favorite foods, cabbage rejuvelac.  So good for digestion and keeping Candida in control.  It can be used on your skin too.

Really easy to make:

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