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Do you recognize your pH symptoms?

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Do you recognize your pH symptoms?

Class, class!  Are YOU LISTENING?

We are made of trillions of live cells, which all need to be nourished,  bathed, oxygenated and protected.  

If  your digestion does not work, it means you abused your little guys.  

Have respect for your body!  Stop feeding it low quality processed dead food.  Or if you do, don't complain that you're not well.   People take better care of their cars, buying unleaded gas, oiling, washing - and they always find time for it.  Why?  Because they find it important.

Anyway, I am not yelling, I am just frustrated, hearing people complain, but not making any changes to get better.

Digestion has a key importance, because you need to  assimilate the food you eat.  If you never cleanse your colon, it changes its shape, and over time, its walls get covered with a substance as hard as a plaster (as per Dr. Norman Walker ).  You need Drano!  Recognize that  when your body hurts, you are the one who hurt it.  So don't make the pain go away with meds - help your body, heal it, don't abuse it!

Sorry for yelling - I get upset when people get sick.  Let's get to pH by David Stewart's Chemistry of Essential Oils made Simple.

   " If pH is too high, we can develop a chemical state called alkalosis.  Symptoms .. include sore muscles, creaking joints, bone spurs, protruding eyes, drowsiness, seizures, edema, night cramps, asthma, chronic indigestion, itching skin, and hard dry stools.  People suffering from alkalosis are highly nervous, prone to hyperventilation, and can go into convulsion.

    If pH is too low, we can develop a chemical state called acidosis.  Symptoms include frequent sighing, insomnia, water retention, recessed eyes, rheumatoid arthritis, migraine headaches, low blood pressure, foul-smelling stools accompanied by a burning sensation in the anus, difficulty swallowing, alternating constipation and diarrhea, and sensitivity of teeth to vinegar and acid fruits.

    Our body regulates blood pH three ways:

(1) By our diets,

(2) By our respiration,, and 

(3) Through our kidneys


  • Breathing lowers blood acidity.  Shallow breathing or holding one's breath raises it.  When one's air supply is cut off, acidosis sets in.  Excess breathing (i.e. hyperventilation), on the other hand, leads to blood pH levels that are too high. (i.e. alkalosis)  This is where aerobic exercises can help.

(breathing with your stomach, walking)

  • Kidneys are designed to selectively secrete more acid than alkaline, but can go the other way if nenessary.
  • Bacteria, yeast, and fungi love an acid environment.  They can grow uncontrollably in our bodies when our blood pH is too low...
  • Acid forming foods include alcohol, coffee, eggs, meat, fish, mustard, catsup, flour products, soft drinks, pasta, pepper, cheese, butter, ice cream, and sauerkraut.

  • Excess of protein can result in urine of such high acidity as to damage the kidneys.  To prevent this, our bodies dump ammonia into urine to raise its pH in to safe alkaline levels above 7.0.  High levels of ammonia in the urine is not a good sign.  (note that PH changes depending on when you ate)

Applying pH to Essential Oils

    One of the benefits of incorporating essential oils into one's daily life is that they increase the alkalinity of the body, not because oils are alkaline, but because of how they respond to acids.

    When a therapeutic grade oil enters the body, its molecules willingly sacrifice themsleves to the acid, engulfing and neutralizing the H-ions... Even though essential oils are neither alkaline nor acid ... their effect upon a person ... is to alkalize their bodies...

    Many people with unhealthy acid conditions in their systems will respond negatively to the scent of essential oils, because the oils have stirred up toxins which need to be eliminated.  Detoxification is not always a pleasant experience, but a necessary one ...

Please read this post for suggestions about nutrition.  Also, it is important that you read the following post as well

So, how do you improve your pH?

         You can take a bath and add therapeutic grade essential oils and raw apple cider vinegar to water, or a rinse, or apply straight to the skin.

     Add 1 drop of raw apple cider vinegar to your drink, salad, etc.  You can also take more than a drop and make an apple cider drink, by adding a sweetener.  Adding therapeutic grade essential oils to your drink will add cleansing,balancing and healing benefits. 

    A simple and delicious drink to quickly change your PH (but not permanently, unless you take care of yourself) is to take 1 drop of more of your favorite therapeutic grade essential oil in water.

Remember that PH is just an indicator of your body/blood, etc. acidity.  Either being too alcaline or too acidic is not good for you.  I love fresh fruit and veggies, and fresh-made juices - planty of good and delicious PH.  On the other hand, proteins are acidic and require acidic digestive juices.
Should you be experiencing pain, especially in your stomach, I don't think you would want more acid there.  In fact, you would want only healing substances in there.

Be well! 


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