Thursday, March 2, 2017

Solar Plexus Involves Every Organ In The Abdomen (солнечное сплетение)

from The  Compete System Of Self-Healing Internal Exercises by Dr. Stephen T. Chang:

"Responsibility for maintaining and balancing internal organ functions lies in the abdominal brain. 

To the Taoist, the excitement is related to the heart; anger, liver; worry, spleen-pancreas; sorrow, lungs, and fear, kidney. 

When the solar plexus is healthy, organs can immediately recover from stress and tension and resume proper functioning.  It is when its balance is lost that the following problems arise: insomnia, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, heart weakness, heart attach, stroke, chronic bronchitis, duodenal infection, ulcer, gastroenteritis, gastritis, constipation, diarrhea, lack of absorption (small intestine), nenstruational cramps and related problems, impotence, etc.

In suppressing our feelings, we suppress the solar plexus from functioning.  "

Here is the correct way to do the Tao internal organs exercise for the solar plexus:


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