Friday, March 24, 2017

The Scaling, Red, Swollen, Burning and Itching Skin On My Foot

Guilty as charged...

The other day, I ate a large grapefruit after not yet digesting my previous meal.  

I can't say that I had the grapefruit all at once.  However, my stomach protested, by bloating.
It was around 5:30 pm.  Later on that night, obviously not paying enough attention to my stomach, I ate other things, without first fixing my stomach.

I like to eat - I admit.  However, my body is teaching me that I can't eat just because I like something.

It wouldn't be so bad, if I just went to sleep, which I did.  However, my husband was coming home late that night.  So I got up, and ate a little more!

I got punished big time this time: my foot swell, got red, the skin started peeling, and hurting.  This is when I  started taking care of myself...

In a spoon of water mixed with goat milk, I first took Slique Essence to balance the blood sugar, then Fennel for digestion, and lastly, Tea Tree for Candida control.  I also applied tea tree on my foot.  Additionally, I took Purification internally, and put Myrrh on my poor foot.  I also put some Lavender on my foot as it started itching a little.

I went to bed.  But then, my friend called me, and I felt a headache coming.  I knew, I had to take Longevity.  However, I didn't think I could swallow it.  Unfortunately, it did not occur to me that I could have taken it in drops instead of capsules.

The next morning the headache got worse - my forehead hurt.  So I applied Lavender on my forehead, temples, and behind my neck.  I also had a nose bleed - from the nose walls.  So I applied Lavender inside too.

I had enough energy now to take care of myself.

So I first drank cabbage rejuvelac (glad I had it!).  Sometime later, I had my kefir.  Went outside to get fresh air.  I went for a short walk, and did a headstand at the playground.

When I came back, I took 2 packets of NingXia Nitro - my favorite!  It always gives me energy, and fixes my stomach.   And, as always, it worked so well this time again.  I also took 2 capsules of Longevity and Inner Defense each, and put a drop of Endoflex on my thymus.  Now, feeling so well, I took Pepper for a nice walk in the Arboretum!

When we came back, I laid in the grass, in the back of our house, with Pepper right next to me.  It felt great to recover!!!

Before I went to NY, I made myself celery and cucumber juice, and took Dulse, cucumber and a few small tomatoes with me to munch on.  

When I got back, I just had some avocado with my green garlic and parsley - yummy!  

Is my foot good tonight?  Not yet.  However, I am being a good girl.  I have to address the skin on my foot.  I will apply cabbage rejuvelac first, and then a rich cream with the therapeutic grade essential oils (Frankincense, etc.), Boswellia Wrinkle Cream.  Hate to spend money on myself...  But..

Now, let my body do some work...  I will only have more kefir soon (I already drank more cabbage rejuvelac before applying it to my foot.  Rejuvelac hurt my foot, but I don't care - I needed it).

Let's see what happens tomorrow.

Wow - the cream feels so good!  I don't feel any pain, and the foot feels live and soft.  I should use it on my face and arms!!!  I will too!   So good to feel good!!!

No sweets today - not even an orange, berries, and of course, bananas...  

It feels good that the short button does not press on my stomach!  My body will remember what's good for it!  

I am so proud of myself!  Didn't eat late last night!  My stomach is so much smaller already!
I woke up in pain last night, and had to apply more cream.  This morning my foot looks amazingly so much better!!!  It does not hurt, I can flex my big toe without much pain, as the skin is so much better!  I will continue with the cream and other good things.  Already had my kefir.

 Took my dog Pepper for a long walk.  Sipping on warm water with cayenne pepper and lime - I felt like it.  Even holding the warm glass with both hands felt so good!

The reason why I like to use the Boswellia Wrinkle Cream is because many therapeutic grade  essential oils are already diluted in proper ratio.  
Essential oils are concentrated.  Some are hot, and therefore plants isolate them to separate pouches.  

Time to re-apply the Boswellia Wrinkle Cream - I feel some pain and itch. 

Too bad, I did not finish writing this post.

Maybe, it's a good thing, because my philosophy about treating myself changed.  Since then, I try to address the issues in my body from an emotional point of view, and internally.  Not as much externally.

Why?  Because I want to make sure I solve the issue inside, i.e. clean my blood, liver, control the Candida overgrowth, pay more attention to my body, and so on.

My foot is fine now, btw.

To Health and Joy!

With love,
  Rev. Eugeniya

  Health Essentials LLC.

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