Sunday, March 19, 2017

What's With That Migraine?

Dear friends,

As promised, here is what I did right and wrong for my migraine.  And in-depth 
analysis  on why and how I got better. 

Before I get into a deeper discussion, I just want to briefly state that migraine headaches are caused by many different factors like stress, being tired, not getting enough quality sleep, nutritional, alignment problems, hormonal, digestive, etc., and therefore should be handled differently. 

For example, for my husband, it is all of the above, lol.  For me - I guess, the most prevalent factor is my emotions.  Actually, it's for everyone, and you will see why as I explain in detail.

So here is my latest occurrence and analysis, as this might help you better deal with yours.

I always feel other people, or am very sympathetic to when they are going through difficult times.  So as I was walking Pepper in the morning on Saturday, I started feeling a strong pain not far from my heart.  I pressed here and there, but it felt like a nerve signal.  My thoughts immediately directed me that I had to call someone I knew was going through tough times.  And I'm glad I did.

Right before I went to visit my new friend, I felt a hint of pain in my scalp.  So I thought, when I get back, I'll take my NingXia Nitro. 

I went for a visit, to use my therapeutic grade essential oils on her dog, and to lighten up her day.  The dog got so comfy after I applied just 3 drops on her - 1 on her liver, and 2 on her neck lymph nodes, that she fell asleep.  Meanwhile, we talked a lot about ourselves, sharing our stories, and smelling essential oils. 

As I got home, my scalp hurt a little more, so I put some Lavender, felt better, ate delicious green salad with avocado, brought blueberries with kefir in the bath, took my bath, and ...  fell asleep for about 3 hours in the tub, periodically refilling it with hot water.

When I woke up, I didn't feel so good - my colon wanted to empty (not painfully), and my head hurt, which I thought was my sinus or a lack of sleep the night before.   So I applied the therapeutic grade essential oils blend for sinus support, and went to sleep, even though I did not completely take care of myself (that was a big mistake!).

Hours later, I woke up with a pain - I couldn't move my head.  This is when I knew, I had to get up and take care of myself.   Many years ago, I used to suffer, but now I know how to feel better almost right away.  Yes, using therapeutic grade essential oils.  I also like to use acupressure, and my body always tells me where to press.  However, this time, since I am taking a class on Jin Shin Do acupressure, I got confused, thinking that it would be good to check the notes.  BUT NOT WHEN YOU CAN'T!

Don't worry, I still helped myself.  I applied a blend with Peppermint and another one with Lavender and Valerian on my forehead and temples, forgetting the back of my neck.  (You see, my neck was stiff, as I lowered my head down, but I still didn't do the basic stuff I do for my husband ALL THE TIME!).  Then I knew, I had to drink some.  I looked for therapeutic grade essential oil of Peppermint, but instead, I found citrus blend and basil.  Not so bad, I decided, and drank some.  Then I found my Peppermint, ahhhhhhhhh.  That felt sooooooo good...  In the past, I also used to add organic raw apple cider vinegar, and maybe lemon.  But this time, I didn't feel like it.

Went back to bed.  Before I got up again, I checked a few pressure points on me, and thought why I got so bad.  There!  I realized that our discussion stirred up some old buried emotions in me.  But which ones? 

I went in the kitchen and took 2 tubes of NingXia Nitro.  I knew, I will be feeling much better very soon.  However, I didn't stop there.  I also drank my Peppermint eo with water, then added some Fennel, as reminded by my husband (!).  I smelled the blend with vanilla(!) and lavender.  A little later, I had my rosehips tea with lemon, a little later  chamomile/lavender tea with milk.  I was feeling really good, but not 100% yet.

I checked my books - and yes, it said, which is completely true, that  I've been critical of myself. 

Then it struck me - I should have used Release on my scalp to release my buried guilt for not preventing my friend's suicide about 23 years ago!.  For someone, who was sheltered by her brother from the whole world growing up, I got a huge share of life's serious situations as an adult.

Every time, there is a physical pain, your body is opening up "a can of worms" for you to release.  If you don't do it yourself, your body will let you know by either some pain or other physical imbalance. 

Well - that was it!  The minute I put Release on my still somewhat painful spots on my scalp, it all went away!  I smiled, relieved! 

My appetite returned, and I enjoyed my breakfast of different soaked nuts with honey, etc. 
We went for a 2 1/2 hr.  walk, then I shoveled  - all back to normal!

This reminds me of the time I had a toothache years ago.  I was away, and tried all the oils I had - surprisingly, nothing was helping... until I figured out what was bugging me (actually, I knew it all alone, just didn't think my teeth would hurt).  Anyway, 1 drop of therapeutic grade essential oils blend to calm me down did the trick!

I do not always remember to address my emotions.  And usually, taking NingXia Nitro to support my digestion,  a drop of Peppermint in water, rubbing the blends on my head - and I am done.   However, I know that behind every physical imbalance, there is a triggering emotions.  And that's what you need to deal with!

Stay well and be joyful!  It is all in our attitude...

With love,
  Rev. Eugeniya

Health Essentials LLC.

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