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When do you eat coconut butter?

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

When do you eat coconut butter?


We've become so conditioned and brainwashed by nutritionists, scientists, and doctors (there is one for every body organ and labeled health condition) that we lost our natural ability to use intuition and even common sense.

Watch animals - they know when and what to drink, and when to sleep.  When they get sick, they know what herbs to eat and where to find them.  Same goes for young children: notice how very young children are in tune with their body and mind; they know what to eat, when to sleep, and what they feel.  Unfortunately, we quickly ruin this by  feeding them processed food, which they don't like initially, and stuffing their brains with processed thoughts.  Before you know it, they become like us, robots.  

Our environment reminds me of a movie I saw ages ago.  I think it was Solaris, directed by Andrei Tarkovsky, which depicts a few people completely isolated from the rest of the world, listening to the sound of the artificial tree leaves, and eating powdered food, etc.  I watched this movie only about 25 years ago.  How perceptive the author was back then!

It always amazes  me to see so many people convinced that a powder in a capsule does more (or anything, as a matter of fact) for their health than say a fresh apple, an orange or garlic.  My son took so many expensive supplements of supposedly highest quality in hopes of getting well,  only to get disillusioned.   

Food industry abuses our sense of smell and lures us into eating what is not good for us.  We empty the shelves of supermarkets, buying bottles of so-called juices colored with chemicals, and dried over-processed cardboard food, flavored with synthetic cancer-causing colors, flavors and preservatives, in packages made of harmful foil and plastic.

An old Russian fable comes to mind, in which a man promises to make the most delicious soup from an ax.  He starts off by putting an ax in boiling water, and adding carrots, onions, etc...  I would readily trade his soup for any commercial food product.

Many people take prescription medications, which are so toxic, they need to be recycled.  Why then do people take them?  I don't even mention radiation and chemo, which poison and destroy our immune system.  (Unfortunately, I thought otherwise years ago and hoped that undergoing these barbaric "therapies"  would save my parents.)

Cell phones, computers, microwaves - there is no end to insults to our health.

Do we really need to look for clues and cures for fixing our health, like "a war on cancer", for example?  

I have been trying to help someone I just met, who has the "inflamed tongue syndrome", and learnt  that 33% of people in the USA have this "unexplained" syndrome.  Same as the claims for Asthma,  "a non-curable disease", which has "unknown causes"...  What a myth!!!!!!

What is an inflamed tongue syndrome?  Why label everything a riddle without an answer?
Why put fears in our minds?  Why make us brainless victims of a money-making pharmaceutical machine?

Taking a pill and making your body not use all the incredible powers it has is not a solution, but instead sinking into more problems and developing new health imbalances, and physical and mental addiction to medication.

If you carefully look at the side-effects (what a mild way to call poisons), medications, while stopping the body reaction (literally stuffing and shutting our poor cells), create inflammation, acid, and mess up our immune system.     

We go to doctors to solve our health problems.  But how can a stranger help you by seeing you for 5 minutes, when you are there 24X7 and know yourself better?  And what about the fact that doctors are being pushed and bribed by pharmaceutical and insurance companies to sell and over-prescribe medications?  And how many of these doctors really care about you, or even have time to think about your problems?  YOU, YOU YOURSELF HAVE TO HELP YOURSELF! 

How quickly we forget high school Biology lessons of our body rejuvenating itself! 

Ann Wigmore,  the founder of the Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston, who was presented with a Regeneration of Human Cells and Tissues in 1971, wrote a book Be Your Own Healer.
She healed herself of cancer, and healed so many others.  And that is only one example of numerous other people, who cure themselves.  

If you listen to your body, it will tell you what to do.

Back to my new acquaintance    Her Candida started dictating her life.  Her tongue would burn and get swollen to the point that she could not hold a conversation.  It is interesting to note, that unfortunately, many times I pick up the problem my friends are having.  This time was no exception.  My tongue started burning.  After analyzing what caused my problem, I realized that I overate, and my PH shifted to acidic.  Additionally, my friend, Candida, went on an eating spree.

None of these were hard for me to fix.  In fact, in one day I was fine.  What helped my tongue inflammation the most was Myrrh, and, of course, therapeutic grade tea tree essential oils.  

For my new acquaintance, chewing on a Frankincense resin gum with therapeutic grade essential oils of Ocotea and other oils, relieved  her symptoms.  Tea tree on her tongue helped her fight Candida and stopped inflammation immediately.  She also put Purification on the soles of her feet, JuvaFlex on her liver, and had to use essential oils to keep getting better. In other words, she had to cleanse her body, address her emotions, and take a few other oils to keep Candida under control.  Staying well is not taking a one-day cure, but trying to balance your body and mind every day.  The last I heard she was doing great by using just one blend, Slique Essence.

When I suggested to my new acquaintance to eat Coconut butter and use raw organic apple cider vinegar, she asked me, when and how much.  I had to explain to her that we are all different and feel differently at different times.  You have to listen to your body, and it will tell you.

There are times I crave for food, which is not so good for me.  Feeling what my body tells me,  I learn, trying to change, and balance it back to feeling well again.

I am not perfect, but I am learning to be better.

So my only advice to you:  don't manage  disease with medications.  Help yourselves before it gets too hard to.  Remember that medications block cell receptor sites, disrupt your body's balance (steroids), and destroy your flora and immune system (antibiotics).   Disease is imbalance, emotional, spiritual and physical.

And minimize the use of commercial products for your body and nutrition.  

If you need some help to make a change, please let me know.  I will help you.

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This paragraph from Kurt Schnaubelt’s book Advanced Aromatherapy: The science of essential oil therapy resonates so much with me that I felt compelled to type it:

“Betrayed and helpless, we are at the mercy of the powers that be when all of life’s needs are provided by one single source.  We sense the cynicism, but see the truth only reluctantly in a vain attempt to protect our worldview from grim reality.  In fact, cynicism is even more pervasive than generally feared.  Not only do big financial institutions own share in fragrance and food companies, they also hold interest in firms producing pesticides linked to causing breast cancer and at the same time rake in profits from medications used to treat it.  The scientific and economic necessities are staggering and diversity has been all but eliminated so as not to get in the way of business.  More and more, our lives are determined by the one-dimensionality of synthetic chemical products.”

And one more.

“This massive processing and standardization of our foods should alarm consumers, not the least because these “new” and “wonderful” synthetic fragrances and additives are not substances to which the human body has been acclimated to over a long period of evolution.  Many of these new substances are completely synthetic and like antibiotics and pesticides, contribute to overloading our system with chemicals that heavily tax our organs of metabolism and elimination.  The body responds to the chemical overload by inventing “civilization diseases” such as neurodermatitis or CFS.”

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