Thursday, May 25, 2017

Supporting Myself For Sinus Infection With Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

I'm training myself to search for an underlying buried emotion, every time I get out of balance.

This time, I got a bad sinus infection on my left side.  My body has been hinting me for quite a while already that something was out of balance on that side - the calf  muscles tight and hurting on touch,  the back point when I wake up, and now, in my face, so that I stop ignoring it - my painful sinus! 

I knew right away what was bothering me.  And sure enough, after checking in Releasing Emotional Patterns With Essential Oils by Carolyn Mein book,  it confirmed that sinus "alarm point" meant being "stuck", and the oil of choice is lemon.  Guess what I've been having a lot of, intuitively?

It was not fun.  The pain radiated onto my jaws and gums.  Without realizing it, I pressed so hard on my jaw - I had to treat my jaw too with quite a few therapeutic grade essential oils, including Valor, PanAway, Palo Santo and Deep Relief.

I could have stayed in bed, miserable - but that has never been my style, since I was a kid.

I took plenty of  capsules with therapeutic grade essential oils and a lot of tea tree by itself, rubbed a blend for sinus followed by Deep Relief outside, on top of sinuses and on my palate and a little inside my nose, took a hot bath with sea salt mixed with Thieves therapeutic grade essential oil, and organic raw apple sider vinegar (my mouth and eyes open - that was the most enjoyable!).
My other favorite way is putting Palmarosa under my arms - great for lymph, etc.  and smells so seductive (for some)

I drank my rejuvelac from fermented veggies, raw milk whey with wild greens (stinging nettles, sorrel, mullein, cleavers, etc.)  and the ones from the store, plus a few fresh farm carrots.  I also ate some wild weeds like mustard, sassafras, young pine needles and a pine cone.  Drank water with lemon and lemon essential oil, sometimes mixed with NingXia Nitro and Peppermint eo.   Adding eucalyptus or a eucalyptus blend makes it that more potent.   I also like adding the lemon eo and lemon to my home-made raw goat kefir

After the first day, the sense of smell came back.  Before going to bed, I mixed a few essential oils in coconut oil (Clove, Sacred Frankincense,  Wintergreen, Tea tree and Myrrh), and rubbed it on my gums, my palate, my cheeck and my elbow.  That night, I sweated profusely a few times.

Another good way was to mix a few eo in coconut, and hold it in my mouth, swishing around.

I didn't keep a record this time, and tried to stay away from electronics. 

One thing I know, if I had made a suppository ahead of time, I would have used it. 

While going through this ordeal, some personal issue made it much harder for me to spring back.  So, I took new photos of flowers and walked with Pepper, thinking and analyzing the situation.

Taking a long hike a few days later, singing and absorbing the Nature sites with my whole being, helped me get back my spirit.

Unfortunately, I was not completely balanced back to health.
Here is Part II of "Gulliver's Travels...":

To health!

With love,

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P.S. I'm going to check what meridians run through my painful spots.

BTW, here is a short video I made

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