Monday, May 22, 2017

Taking Care Of Your Dog's (and yours) Kidneys - The Lifespan Reserve

Dear friends,
According to Tao, we are born with a finite energy in our kidneys.  Once we use it up - time to check out.

That means - we need to take care of our kidneys, support, nourish and cleanse them. 
And don't forget, fear depletes the kidneys.  Or would you say, when the kidneys are weak or out of balance, we are more fearful?

No matter how you look at it, kidneys perform necessary functions we can't live without.

Don't forget, that other organs effect kidneys as well.  Everything works in balance, and the reverse is true too, LOL...

In dogs, unfortunately, nowadays, with all the pesticides in lawns, dog food (no need to buy, really), toxic medications and vaccines, kidneys' failure prevails.  Since dogs are smaller in size, their kidneys fail faster than humans'. 

How do we support and protect the kidneys?  For my dog, who came to us totally toxic, with every organ in her body damaged, giving her live diet and taking her out frequently was important. 

For kidneys, I'm giving her now homeopathic remedy, essential oils infused product for kidneys and bladder (which I should be taking too), as well as detoxing her with the essential oils blend. 

Juniper essential oil which can be applied topically over her back where the kidneys are.

What else?  I give Pepper chaga and wheatgrass juice once in a while.  There are also many herbs which are good for kidneys.  Simple stuff everyone can get is parsley and cucumbers.

Looks like, I'll have to start juicing for Pepper - cucumber, carrot and beet, as well as other juices.  "one of the finest cleansing and healing aids for the gall bladder, liver, kidneys, and prostate and other sex glands" as per Norman Walker.

For fear, I apply essential oils.  Additionally, holding her in my arms is an irreplaceable energy of love and security she feels.  I should also use acupressure (see reflexology charts below).

Why am I writing this post? 
For 2 reasons:

1.  My friend's dogs kidneys are shutting down.  A year ago, her vet advised her a change of diet for a lower protein.  I read that this is not necessarily true.  Additionally, no thought was given to kidney support, probiotic intake, and so on.

Am I doing a perfect job with my dog - NO.  I should, and I will , starting today.

2.  I like to share my knowledge with you.

Stay well and take a good care of yourself and your friend!

With love,


Health Essentials LLC.

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